Hello, whoever you are, and welcome to my webpage. You may just look, you may also leave. Well, I do not say, this thing is "under construction", actually one could say, everything is "under construction" as the entire world changes every second, nothing is real static, neither this webpage nor the length of my hair; neither the distances between the stars nor the personality of any person on the world; neither the air we breathe nor the society we live in. Some of these things we can influence, some we cannot.
OK, I just wanted to say "hello" :-). You may find some more information about me somewhere else on this page or in the internet, you may find some pictures, some text I have written many years ago, you may read my thesis and my talks. Have fun - or leave ;-)!

But let me come back to the changing world around us. I think, one important thing to say about that is, that everyone of us has a (smaller or bigger) chance to change something in the world around him (or her). For example, if you do not like your shoes, you may buy new ones, seems to be clear to everyone. But what, if you don't like society, for instance? You can't buy a new one, but you can involve in processes in the society, you can try to change things and you can even try to establish a sub-society around you where things might be better. What I want to say: Even if your life is mostly dominated by others, don't give up. There is no fate, there is no destiny, there are always some things you can change on your own if they don't please you. This is just my optimistic statement to the world :-).