about me

For now I just want to say that I am Baldo, a PhD-Student at the "Institut für Kernphysik" at the University of Münster. My thesis will be about measurements at the PHENIX-Experiment which is located at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, on Long Island.
In times I do not think about physics, I do some other things. Yeah, really, physicists DO other stuff! They don't walk or sit around 24 hours a day, murmuring strange formulas, creating incomprehensible apparatuses or hacking strange things into computers. Well, may be some do...
The one "official" stuff I am involved: I am a member of the "students parliament" of my university, this thing (I like calling things "thing") is part of the students representation in the German state I live in.

Oh, you want to know how I look like? Well, go to the PHENIX-webpage and have a look. I am a little annoyed of putting my face everywhere in the internet.

And now let's look at the things I have done in my life:
I was born as the child of two teachers in Münster, the major city in the "Münsterland", one of the major regions in the state of "Northrhine-Westphalia". I assume the day of my birth, July 7 1977, was a sunny day, but I don't remember anything about that. One year later my parents and I moved to Rheine, a 70.000 inhabitant city about 40 km north of Münster. There I grew up and went to school.
During the 19 years I lived in Rheine, I had different hobbies. At school, I did some extra sports as hockey (in elementary school, actually I just remember having scored one goal in a match against another school team) and rowing (one summer, at high school). I also tried to play tennis, but most of all, I played volleyball. Here I even became a trainer for a junior team. Were we succesful? Partly, yes, I (and my team, of course!) won several championships in our county, as player as well as as trainer.
After I finished my civil services at the Red Cross in Rheine in 1997, I moved (back) to Münster to study physics. During my studies I started to do political work at the university, I worked in my "Fachschaft", later I was elected into the students parliament and the "AStA". This cost me some time but I do not regret doing that, I learnt a lot there; and so I finished my diploma in 2004.

And where else have I been? I just list most of these places - only those outside my home state: some Greece islands as Crete, Santorini, Paros and Naxos; Sardinia, Corsica, Gran Canaria, Sylt, Long Island, the French Riviera, the North Sea shore in Germany, the Alpes in Austria, Italy. Switzerland and Germany, England (somewhere in Yorkshire and somewhere at the Irish Sea), Prague, New York, Berlin, Barcelona, Munich, Paris, Geneva, Leipzig, Hamburg, Erfurt, and many minor cities in Germany, in addition I did one-day trips to the Netherlands and Denmark. Maybe not that much, I should visit many more interesting locations. And to illustrate all that, I have started a small map that shows where some of the places are.